Magento 2

Current Version of RDBMS is not supported. Used version: 10.5.116-MariaDB. Supported versions: MYSQL-8, MYSQL-7, MariaDB(10.2-10.4) Magento 2.4.5

So you have a new version of magento that is out 2.4.5. But i dont think so they have done a good job with the fact the previous version of magento supported mariadb 10.5 but now with the latest version 2.4.5 its not. To fix this you just need to tweak a bit. Just go to app/etc/di.xml file and then edit the node

<item name=”MariaDB-(10.2-10.4)” xsi:type=”string”>^10\.[2-4]\.</item>


<item name=”MariaDB-(10.2-10.5)” xsi:type=”string”>^10\.[2-5]\.</item>


and you are done.

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