The address failed to save. Verify the address and try again. Magento 2

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You might end up having this error “The address failed to save. Verify the address and try again.” and if you look in the exception.log saying Email Validation failed error. This is a common error in Magento 2 where many users experience. Even if you install a fresh installation you will face this issue if you are using say checking out using multi-shipping or updating the cart or trying to place an order.

But there’s a catch in this! And the catch is customer who use Plesk PHP suffers from this error. Dont worry we have a solution for it. Easy thing you just have to to go the php settings. Then check the field “include_path” and you will see the value of this to be “.:/opt/plesk/php/7.2/share/pear” replace this with “.”. Apply it and now you can do the operations in the site without any problem in magento 2.

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