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Order Item List not rendering in custom email template in Magento 2.3.4

Magento has an option to customise email templates. You can add your order ,invoice or shipment template with your custom design and css. This option is present in Magento 2 when you go to Marketing->(Under Communications) Email Template. Just like in M1 just Add your order email template as you like but problem now is Order Item is not showing up when you use  {{layout handle=”sales_email_order_items” order=$order}} which you can also get if you use the insert variable option. The workaround for this is go to your database where magento 2 is linked with. Go to table “email_template” then set “is_legacy=1” for the email template which is not showing order item list in the email. For example email template id 6 you have created and order item list is not showing in the email then go to “email_template” table go to template_id 6 and just set is_legacy=1 and after this your order item list will be shown.


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